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Detroit style pizza is a unique style that has gained international popularity in the last decade.

It is a unique take on the Sicilian style that is popular in New York City. Since it has gained international recognition it is labelled ‘Detroit Style’ , but if you grew up in Detroit, you would know it simply as ‘pizza’

Detroit style pizza is cooked in a pan, and is rectangular in shape. Historically, the pans used in the huge automotive factories were used in the restaurants. These heavy blue steel pans help give the Detroit style its unique characteristics. The base is deep and fluffy and the edges are chewy and crispy. Cheese is put right to the edges, so the cheese on the outside gets caramelised and crispy, while the cheese in the centre stays soft and gooey. A thick, rich and aromatic tomato sauce is typically put on top of the cheese.

Detroit style pizza is a luxury dish. It’s a serious pizza, capable of satisfying multiple people. Its crispy grilled cheese flavour, perfectly compliments the deep pan base which is fluffy on the inside yet crispy on the outside. So many textures give Detroit style pizza its unique taste.

Detroito sesės 2021.03.10 - lifestyle-64

Tom Nicholson is passionate about pizza as a world cuisine. He has travelled the world tasting and researching different styles. He introduced Napolitan pizza to the masses with Jurgis ir Drakonas back in 2014. Then in 2017 he brought New York style pizza to Lithuania with Brooklyn Brothers. Now in 2021, he introduces Detroit style. Pizza is a diverse cuisine and has many different styles. Detroito Seses is proud to bring the internationally trending style of Detroit pizza to Lithuania!

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